• Suzanne Supremo

    This blog post will say that this wiki rules!


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  • Gerenjie

    Small Wiki

    July 22, 2012 by Gerenjie

    I just joined the Monkey Island wiki, and I have made one edit. This has somehow progressed me to number four on the leaderboard. I am 35 on the halo wiki, and have a 179 contributions. I looked at the leaderboard, and there are only four editors. was it the other three that made the 600ish pages? based on the fact that three of us have less than 101 points, I doubt that anyone except #1 has made any huge contributions (other than Robojox founding the wiki). So, I am wondering, has Monkeydashunderscore made 95%+ of this wiki?

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  • MonkeydashUnderscore

    The Special Edition remakes of MI1 and MI2 are a mixed bag.

    There's a lot of good stuff, some of the redesigns are beautiful but then there's plenty of other things that let them down almost to the point of ruining the games altogether.

    These things really affect the magic of the games and make the original untouched versions the much better option to play.

    The link below has more to say on this.

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  • Sclera1

    List of all characters in Monkey Islands

    • Guybrush Threepwood
    • Elaine Marley
    • LeChuck
    • Stan
    • Voodoo Lady
    • Murray the Talking Skull
    • Herman Toothrot

    • Meathook
    • Carla
    • Otis
    • Rapp Scallion
    • Rum Rogers Sr.
    • Men of Low Moral Fiber

    • Mancomb Seepgood
    • Estevan
    • 3 pirate leaders
    • Captain Smirk
    • Monkey Island Cannibals

    • Largo Legrande
    • Woody the Woodsmith
    • Mad Marty
    • Wally B. Feed
    • Captain Dread
    • Voodoo Priest
    • Governor L. Phatt
    • Walt the Dog
    • Rum Rogers Jr.
    • Bruno
    • Ralphie
    • Augustus DeWatt
    • Guybrush's Parents
    • Chester

    • Haggis McMutton
    • Edward Van Helgen
    • Cutthroat Bill
    • Kenny Falmouth
    • Captain Blondebeard
    • King Andre
    • Cruff
    • Minnie "Stroni" Goodsoup
    • Griswold Goodsoup
    • Charles DeGoulash
    • Madam Xima

    • Ignatius Cheese
    • Ozzie Mandrill
    • Brittany
    • Pegnose Pete
    • Inspector Canard
    • Kristopher Kilometer
    • Marco de Pollo
    • Mungo
    • Yangja

    • Morgan Le Flay

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