Big Whoop Book



Big Whoop: Unclaimed Bonanza or Myth was a book belonging to the Phatt City Library.

It was borrowed by the Voodoo Lady, who gave it to Guybrush Threepwood after he defeated Largo LaGrande, in order help him find the books legendary treasure. She also requested that he might take it back when finished with it.

The book provides a brief history of Big Whoop, as well as clues to the whereabouts of the missing map pieces.

Description Edit

"It says here there were four pirates: Rapp Scallion (The cook)... Young Lindy (The cabin boy)... Mister Rogers (The first mate)... And captain --good heavens--, Captain Marley.
They buried their treasure along with plenty of booby traps on a place believed to be called Inky Island. They made a map which they divided into four pieces, each taking one.
Rapp Scallion later opened the steamin' weenie hut on Scabb Island. It was a huge success but fell into disrepair when Rapp died in a flash fire.
Young Lindy drifted aimlessly down on his luck until he mysteriously came into money while panhandling on Booty Island. He used the cash to bankroll an advertising firm which failed after its gross mishandling of the Gangrene n' Honey account.
Mister Rogers retired off the coast of Phatt Island. He marketing homemade contest brewed in a bathtub until his recent disappearance.
Captain Marley vanished while sailing in the Americas cup race. His boat was leading at the time."

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