Big Jake McJuggernaut was the captain of the H.M.S. Anathema. He was reputed to be the most powerful captain on the seven seas.

One night in port, Captain Jake heard a tale of an enormous treasure buried somewhere on Bulky Island. The crew, including Haggis McMutton set sail and landed on the island within a fortnight, and found the treasure the next morning.

It was a tremendous chest made of solid gold. Big Jake leapt into the hole and wrapped his sinewy arms around the chest. He gathered his resolve, counted to three, filled his lungs, and lifted with all his might. The sound of his back cracking brought a grimace to even the most steel-hearted crewman. By nightfall the lot of them were lying on the beach, writhing in pain.

They refused to work in pairs or groups of three or four believing it to be the weak man's way out.

The pirate Angus McFulcrum had followed them to Bulky Island, wanting the treasure for himself. He used a lever and took the chest, laughing at Juggernauts crew as he carried it to his ship.

Captain McJuggernaut died in traction, cursing himself for not being strong enough.

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