The Battle of Plunder Island occured when the zombie pirate LeChuck hatched a plan to kill and make Elaine Marley his undead bride.

Known CombatantsEdit

Plunder IslandEdit

Army of the UndeadEdit

The BattleEdit

LeChuck led the attack in his flagship The Death Starfish. Armed with powerful cannons his crew bombarded the Plunder Island Fort while landing parties aboard rowboats made their way to the shore.

The Fort was sturdy enough to withstand the cannon assault however so LeChuck planned to utilise his secret weapon, a powerful Voodoo Cannonball. With it, he intended to destroy the fort and Elaine along with it. The power would then transform her into an undead zombie like himself and she would be forced to marry him as the only other person in the same condition.

As the battle was in progress, Guybrush Threepwood coincidentally floated into the crossfire having recently escape from the Carnival of the Damned. He overheard Marley confess her love for him before he was spotted by LeChucks crewman Skully and taken on board. He was thrown below deck to be dealt with later.

While below, he met his old friend Wally B. Feed who had recreated himself as Bloodnose the Pirate. Threepwood was able to convince him that piracy was not the life for him and took control of the cannon he had been manning. Using the cannon, he destroyed the boats rowing for shore.

He then untied the cannon and caused it to rock the entire ship, forcing LeChuck to drop his Voodoo Cannonball and destroy himself.

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