The Barkeeper is the owner of The Bloody Lip Bar and Grill in Woodtick.

His hygeine standards left something to be desired, as he used his own spit to clean mugs and glasses, and allowed his customers to make mess without cleaning after them.

He did not care for stories which promoted moderation in drinking.

He hired Jojo the monkey as entertainment for his guests and Bernard was his chef for a time until Guybrush Threepwood took over in his place.

For some time he was exploited by Largo LaGrande who would come to his bar, take free drinks and demand his money. The Barkeeper reacted by putting laxatives in his drinks, but was too afraid to resist and often wished that someone would make a voodoo doll of LaGrande.


  • The Barkeeper will have different reactions depending on what the Temporary Library Card says; if the card displays Guybrush's real name, he will ask if it's French; if the card has either Dread or Herman Toothrot, then the Barkeeper will comment on the occupation.

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