LeChuck's planning committee.


The undead landing team.

The Army of the Undead is LeChuck's personal legion of undead pirates, who have sworn to serve him for all eternity.

In Secret of Monkey Island, LeChuck was a ghost pirate, along with his crew. After he was resurrected as a zombie in LeChuck's Revenge, he began transforming his new recruits into skeletons.

By Curse of Monkey Island, it was revealed that LeChuck had many of his men undergo a number of piratical seminars, motivational lectures. They were also required to study audio books-on-parrot, in order to achieve perfect pirate diction. It was also seen that LeChuck was building an even larger army of the undead, via his rollercoaster in the Carnival of the Damned. Thanks to the dark powers of Big Whoop, the living could easily be turned into willing servants after falling into a bit of lava.

Murray is the most well known, and evil, of LeChuck's army.


LeChuck has had a a number of notable individuals serving him. At one point recruiting more daily through the use of his Carnival of the Damned. Here is a list of some of the more notable characters.

Possible MembersEdit

It was never clear whether these individuals were undead, despite being part of LeChuck's army:

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